The Downside of Google App Engine.

On 7 April 2008, Google has officially launch the preview version of Google App Engine.

I’m not saying it is not good but clearly there are something not good behind this service. When you use this service all your application will be host by Google massive infrastructure. But to make sure your apps can work with this service you have to use the framework that supported by Google App Engine, Python programming language and Google database. So, to move an existing application to this platform you will have to port your application or write it from scratch. And If you start your application on this platform you will need a massive work when you want to transfer your application to another server whether your own infrastructure or another service. Furthermore, when company attracted to your application, they have to think maybe more than twice before they decide to acquire your application as they will need extra fund to migrate your application. There is only one company that will have no problem when acquiring your application, the Google itself. So, Be careful. Think before you do.


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What cloud computing really means?

Google global computing network.

Google computing network is clearly the biggest among all. But how big it is? During 2005, reports say Google already have the total of 450,00 servers in their network. So, how big they are now. As far as i know, Google data centers are globally distributed but not really globally because their data centers limited only to places in North America and Europe. So, Google computing network not really globally distributed. But recently we have heard news that Google plan to develop $1 Billion data center in India and this surely will expand Google computing capability beside give more focus on Asia users. What i want to talk here not about how big Google network is but how effective those data centers work as one big supercomputer.

When we querying something using Google search engine, Google computing network will try to find the most relevance result with the queries. The problem is servers that store result is not been put in one place but been distributed across all data centers. To get the most relevant result Google will synchronize their all data centers to get the result that represent all data centers. The problem is even with OC-42 internet connection synchronization at that scale is never perfect and will never fully succesful. But Google will continue to find a best way to make sure every data centers work as one. We just have to wait and see

What is cloud computing?

What exactly cloud computing is? People just keep talking about it but do all of them know what actually cloud computing mean? According to Wikipedia article about cloud computing, cloud computing is actually a subset of grid computing. Cloud computing also been refer as alternative to local servers and personal devices as all the hardware are manage by a third-party. But actually there are a lot of cloud computing model. The first one is utility computing based compute cloud just like Amazon EC2. This kind of compute cloud will give you access to virtual machine (instance) and pay for the service according to usage rate. This is a good replacement to traditional VPS hosting. Another kind of cloud computing is software as service or web application. Big companies like Google are working hard to replace traditional desktop-centric software with a new and low-cost web application. People will able to share high-computational ability of certain company without spending much money.

As people keep traveling today, web applications have been seen as a good solution for them. But how far web application capable of replacing desktop application. Internet is a very good platform. People use it to communicate, socialize and keep update to everything. But it certainly does not mean that we need everything on the internet. How dare you are to keep all your personal data on the internet without keeping your own offline copy? Google already stated that cloud computing is the future. This clearly show how Google try to shape the computing model for the future. Cloud computing also mean that you don’t have to own powerful device with good computing power and large storage anymore as everything on the internet. But just imagine what happen if you lose the connection. Your cheap and useful device will become dumb and useless terminal. It also clear that there are so many people on this world that did not have good internet connection or did not even have any internet connection. Let see how they can enjoy the greatness of cloud computing. I just think cloud computing concept will slow down the development of hardware technology.

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Why can’t we compute in the cloud?


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